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The United States signed the arrival of the peak of the visa office to remind the best to communicate in English


Went to the United States visa peak season, the visa office of the Embassy of the United States recently warned that applicants for the visa interview, if you can speak English, at the time of the interview is best to use English dialogue. This will help to prove that he is a good travelers, business people and students.

Although visa to understand functional English, can speak Chinese, but they are more likely to during the visa interview with students in English, especially went to read undergraduate or graduate students, if you don't speak English, how to cope with foreign universities specialized courses to learn, can easily be the visa officer doubt the English level.

Interview is a process of communication, students should try to relax. Abroad of graduate students in the statement of the specialty not only describes the professional name, to use simple, clear words to describe more about some of their own reasons and purposes of this professional learning, including the development after returning home, to help the visa officer to understand and judge. If the students just passively answer the question of the visa officer, and may not fully express their own ideas intention. 

Students in preparation for the interview, to determine what you want to convey to the visa officer, real and comprehensive answer interview and application form is proposed, that consular officials to make a comprehensive and objective evaluation as soon as possible.

The students don't have to worry about the visa office via rate control was denied. The United States embassy visa officer made it clear that on the United States to receive sign no limit to the number of people. At present, China in the United States students (micro blog) highest number. As long as the applicant is really in order to learn from the United States, the economy can afford, do not worry about the visa issue. The majority of students are in line with the standards of student visa, the applicant does not have to pay through an intermediary to obtain a visa to the United States, much less to third parties to do a visa guidance, can be do it yourself for a visa. All the latest information and guidelines can be obtained from the Embassy's official website. Students may encounter problems at any time with the embassy visa office. The official blog, microblogging reply content and the visa office will release relevant issues on the monthly totals in.

In addition to the United States visa visa, visa, there is also a case of administrative review. The visa officer at the scene said that the administrative review is not meant to be refused, the general is to be processed by other departments, the visa officer is not clear the specific circumstances, to this the student not to speculate, the best way is patience, it normally takes four to five weeks can be the result.

If you miss the first make an appointment, can also be free to make an appointment interview appointment can be completed via the "consulate online booking system, the applicant may in the system tracking application status. In addition, the applicant can also be completed by the new call center to complete the interview appointment or consultation related issues. All visa applicants have to register online from the website www.ustraveldocs.com, or through a central reservation registration began. In the absence of registration, the applicant can not pay the application fee, can not make an appointment interview.

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