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A Chinese student living in an American family


More and more Chinese high school students choose to take part in "foreign college entrance examination".

Data released by the Ministry of education show that in 2013 the country has nearly 1 million candidates to give up the college entrance examination. Educational and research institutions in the survey said that the high school graduates to study abroad for nearly 20 million people, and this number is in the growth rate of 20% to 30% per year.

Wealthy parents, vision open "95", unpopular intermediary market, fierce competition in the domestic employment environment, many factors make study abroad gradually into the homes of ordinary people and students are becoming younger and smaller and smaller.

Advanced customized program abroad

"Our customers are located in the country more than 10 provinces, if five or six years prior to the selection of overseas high school students, often because of poor grades, and forced to go abroad to study abroad, but now there are many achievements absolutely superior has to obtain the strength of the domestic top university students, their parents of the child to go abroad very support, early to have a budget, in preparation for the funds are sufficient." We study intermediary consulting group Beijing Chinese told "economic weekly".

While the United States has been for many years to become China's high school students to study abroad destination of choice, to the United States to read the number of undergraduate accounting for about half of the total number.

"Middle school graduates want to go abroad to study abroad, especially in American schools, unless a year ago has a rainy day, or cramming basically impossible." "China Economic Weekly" said the consulting staff of several intermediary institutions in Beijing. According to the American education system for colleges and universities in the United States Chinese high school students must do college preparation for at least one year in advance. For the current high school students must be before the end of 2013 test qualified TOEFL and sat (Scholastic Assessment test is sponsored by the college board, to evaluate the world of high school students to apply for learning and scholarship in American colleges and universities, an important indicator of the scores, and then prepare for the 2014 admission in the fall.

Winter and summer are studying intermediary business season. Reporter in specialized high school students to study special promotion for the see, intermediaries are small customers implement of tailored program, by taking part in the "American college entrance exam, the SAT," conditional admission and Community College route and three sets of programs to ensure that they get a US visa.

Beijing Golden auspicious Education Group consultant told reporters introduction, study abroad the major premise is must have excellent language achievement. If the students can test a good TOEFL or IELTS grades and SAT scores, you can apply to American colleges and universities in the top 100 ranking. If students do not have the time and effort before the school application test score results in line with or conform to the requirements for admission to universities in the United States, to the United States the university choose to read the language courses, to apply for the commonly referred to as "conditional admission.

The other option is to allow students to take the curve of the community college road. In the United States did not pass the University (college students), some CommunityCollege (Community College). The history of American Community College has more than 100 years, tuition than normal university to low 20% ~ 80%, can be obtained and the ordinary university equal education quality and academic qualifications. "Community college application time is short, the entrance is flexible. The ordinary university required 9~12 months in advance, and the community college generally need only 3~5 months to be able to go through all formalities. And the biggest advantage is the students stay for two years, if the score is a rating of AA, it can also be transferred to university. " "China Economic Weekly", the intermediary of the study abroad consultant.

Go to the United States to read the University, at least 1 million 500 thousand yuan to prepare

Advanced customization is behind the perfect plan is a huge capital investment.

The first is the expensive test cost. Because the candidates in a year can take part in many examinations, as applying to college on the basis of the better result, therefore, generally want to go abroad to study of high school students must attend at least twice TOEFL and sat exams. The most expensive is to participate in the SAT test.

SAT has a test center in Hongkong. According to Hong Kong media statistics, from October 2007 to June 2008, a total of 7300 candidates in Hong Kong to attend sat exam, of which approximately 7000 for candidates in the mainland, accounting for more than 95%. October 2008 so far, the number of candidates in the mainland each year more than 30 thousand.

SAT there are 6 examinations a year, that is to say, Chinese high school students can take up to 6 times a year, at least in two.

If fly to Hong Kong from the north of the city, 2000 yuan a single round-trip air tickets, even a accompanied by parents, an examination only ticket will cost about 5000 yuan. Every SAT on the eve of the exam, the Hongkong test center near the hotel price rose about 40%, for the night to spend about 1200 yuan. Coupled with the cost of eating and other expenses, an examination to spend 20 thousand yuan is very common.

In addition, the current sat course "one on one" training price is in 600 yuan / class to 800 yuan / class, the candidates if want to impact SAT2200 points (for American schools of basic fractional line) score of at least, often choose training 80 to 100 hours, training costs 6 million yuan of above. Even if the choice is cheaper small class teaching, but also about 20 thousand yuan.

Followed by intermediary fees and the resulting service charges. Generally speaking, study abroad intermediary costs at least 3.5 million yuan of above, while the application of school fees will be according to the number and specific school school application shall be calculated separately, if the choice of intermediary of one-stop packaging services, but also additional costs, such as overseas machine, accommodation and so on.

If everything goes well, according to the reporter, before going abroad for a student to spend about 200 thousand yuan. In the United States for one year

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