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Media said the Department of education as the study abroad push profits


Two Zhejiang young girls, because in San Francisco suffered a plane crash, unfortunately. The bad news came, to study abroad the sounds come from. From reports and online remarks can be seen, in recent years the international travel prevailed, every summer and winter vacation, to the American and European aircraft everywhere collective travel primary, middle and high school students, sometimes to air tickets in the English speaking countries even hard to get a vote, with "growth spurt to go abroad to travel a bit hot for.

"China Youth Daily" on July 10, published the "crash pull overseas travel chaos" and cited the study tour of some of the chaos: said travel is in fact, tourism is that tourism is also through a fancy to visit, or even look at the school gate even visited the famous university; communication is find a few college students chat singing and dancing for dinner, and even study tours to alienation for tourism shopping tour......

Travel, just as its name implies is in travel learning, play in the process of learning and understanding different from their usual life area of geographical and cultural customs and all kinds of information and knowledge, is not in the school closed learning, is not pure travel, the so-called "reading thousands of books, ten thousand miles". China is a country with a vast territory, regardless of topography, scenic or historic sites, all are numerous, can provide rich resources for the tour, but in recent years, compared with almost crazy international travel, domestic travel is not temperature is not fire, some schools preferred students to travel abroad, nor the summer camp, is this why?

The original is "interest". International travel has became some of the institutions in the eyes of the fat, profitable channel. A travel agency responsible person said, the profit space of the international travel, organizers from each participant at least earn 5000 dollars. To go to the United States, for example, if the operation well, ticket booking in advance can be a lot cheaper, living in the United States to eat,, line, the cost shared equally to everyone, every day just to 800 yuan to 1000 yuan, to calculate the 14 days of the trip, charges are generally a 3 million yuan or more than 4 million yuan, removal of various costs, travel agencies can get at least 1 million yuan of profits, a battalion of dozens of people, the profit will be amounted to hundreds of thousands of yuan. And the profits of domestic summer camp or travel is much lower, only from everyone who earn hundreds of yuan, appears to be negligible, not into the body of the discernment.

Now engaged in the international travel including the travel agency, training institutions, study agencies and other organizations and their operations have a common characteristic, is with the education department or school cooperation, collective organization students abroad. Relative to the school, the parents of students generally agree with the school organization of the summer camp, that security is guaranteed. In order to strive to opportunities for cooperation with the school and outside organizations the most common tricks is to schools with more free places. For example, recruit students to a teacher free places, of course, the cost of teacher is spread to the students.

A specializes in domestic and international travel service agency responsible person, once took a red head file by the province education department to reporters reflect, the province as early as 10 years ago on the establishment of the International Education Exchange Service Center, is currently the largest study tours organization one. Is different from other commercial organizations, it is subordinate to the Provincial Department of education institutions. A prerequisite for this, the agency will be through the province of primary and secondary school students to study abroad organization issued a document.

Similar to the international exchange center is present in many provinces, although belonging to different departments, common characteristics are to administrative functions will earn profits of the market. To do so, on the one hand will push up the price of travel abroad, on the other hand, students can easily get the comparisons of the heart. Many parents see other children's holiday abroad, also let the children participate in the blind. However, international travel can really achieve the anticipated goal?

I refer to the plurality of explanding travel routes, most of which is about two weeks, but only four or five days time for visiting a college campus, and the rest of the time mostly in tour scenic spots and historical sites and the shopping, the proportion of "travel" was significantly greater than that of "learning", almost no access to the local social life. It is worth noting is that now to go abroad to study tour dilinghua trend is more and more obvious, let a ten year old child to go abroad, see and experience to the inevitably very one-sided. Many foreign students in the school only half a day, the rest of the day is the movement or development of interest and hobbies. There had been such a situation: Chinese students to see this phenomenon, was shocked, some people come back but did not want to go to school.

How more convenient and more economical and more effectively broaden horizons of students, how to make students learn to swim in middle school, this is the education departments and schools should be research, guidance, and not directly involved in the operation of the high fees study tour.

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