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Short Term Enrichment Program (STEP)


Note,“cause our applicants are the first time to take participate STEP, the above pictures are not my application.

Imagine walking up the gangplank of a historic ship knowing you are going to be part of its history that very day.  Having the chance to explore below deck, experience flight simulators, climb up and down metal stairways as you discover the length and breadth of the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier. Breathing in the fresh cool air of the Pacific Ocean as you stand in awe of this mighty ship.

Imagination is wonderful but these moments have come true for seven Short Term Enrichment Program (STEP) participants from China. At present they are in San Diego, CA sharing the excitement of all the USS Midway has to offer with those that come to visit each day.


As they serve in different areas, they stand out as volunteers wearing their navy blue jackets with the Midway emblem emblazoned on the front. Veterans of past wars shuffle by reliving memories of this and other ships they have served on. Families smile and laugh as they carry children upon their shoulders or push grandparents in wheelchairs between helicopters and airplanes on the flight deck. All the time there is a cacophony of sound as many languages ring in their ears.  However, every now and then Chinese is heard and the volunteers step forward answering questions in their own language.

Each STEP participant has been oriented in the ship’s lore and seeks to help and assist those visiting and wanting to learn more.  The USS Midway staff have been amazing.  They truly appreciate each participant and all that they have contributed.

Imagine walking up the gangplank and being of service to others while visiting the United States as a STEP participant!

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