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International Cultural Exchange Program

International Cultural Exchange Program

        International cultural exchange program is a historical cultural program for teenagers from all over the world. After the Second World War, countries in the world deadly need to restore the social order, rejuvenate economy and rebuild the international relations .

In this way, they sent a great amount of students to study in other countries and strengthen mutual understanding and exchanges. In order to increase their understanding of the US culture and education, the State Department passed the Nov 501.c.3 legislation to put forward an exchange student program for providing opportunities for students in the world to study in America. Teenagers from all over the world lived in the local families, enjoyed their culture and customs, studied in the public high school to increase exchanges and communication.

AYP is an abbreviation of Academic Year Program. Students from the world, despite of their regions, races or cultural differences, can have the opportunity to live in the local volunteer host families, have a deep understanding of the historic background and community culture of US, and experience its unique educational ideas and models with J1 visa. With the deepening of international relations, there is a sharp increase in China’s economy and increasing presence in international affairs of China.

 As a result, the international culture exchange program is playing an increasingly important role in the education of Chinese high school students. Besides, teenagers in the world become more and more positive in the international culture exchange program in order to improve their capabilities, integrate themselves in the diverse cultural environment and broaden their horizon. 

About the preparatory program ACE

ACE stands for American Cultural Experience, the camp is being held in San Francisco, California this year. The students will benefit from a minimum of 12 hours of English classes per week, as well as group activities, guest speakers, workshops and excursions to some of the most famous attractions in the US. Students will be taking educational tours of technology and innovation hub Silicon Valley as well as top college campuses (ex. Stanford University, U.C. Berkeley, etc.), and will enjoy wonderful living facilities on the host campus, Santa Clara University (ranked the second most beautiful college campus in America). The students will have a 10% increase in their ELTIS test scores – improving their English in just a matter of weeks!

In addition to the great educational aspects of this camp, students also benefit from getting to explore and sight -see at places like the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, and more. Students will be making memories and developing life-long friendships, while learning all that American culture encompasses!

This is the best program offered for students who want to go on to study in America for an academic year or semester – OR it is also the greatest summer camp program for students who just wish to come here for a few weeks and experience the US. It works well as either type of summer camp and is accommodating for all types of high school students, ages 13 -17.

The program fee includes all meals, accommodation, insurance, class/school supplies, airport transfers, activities and local transportation. It doesn't include airfare, laundry and shopping money.

Students can choose to stay at ACE for 2, 3 or 4 weeks. Below are the dates we offer:

2-week Programs:

Option 2A: Arrive 7/17 Depart 7/30

Option 2B: Arrive 7/31 –Depart 8/13

Option 2c: Arrive 8/14 –Depart 8/27

3-week Programs:

Option 3A: Arrive 7/17 –Depart 8/6

Option 3B: Arrive 8/7 –Depart 8/27

4-week Program:

Option 4A: Arrive 7/17 –Depart 8/13

Option 4B: Arrive 7/31 –Depart 8/27

Each 2-week session at the ACE Program will have an average of 3 full-day off campus activities, and 4 half-day on and off campus activities.

For more information, please contact us via email at info@ohie.com.cn or call our hotline 4008 521 766.

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