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American Private High School Program

American Private High School Program

        In recent years, the rise of study in the United States upsurges, more and more younger teenagers are joining the trend. In 2013, the number of Chinese students who come to the US for postgraduate study reached the number of 103,427 while those who come to the US for graduate learning reached the number of 937,68. There is also a sharp surge among the senior and junior high school students. In order to get closer to their ideal American universities, Chinese students are increasing their competitiveness with a more enriching experience, for example, they are learning the American high school lessons systematically. 

With the ending of APEC conference in 2014, Chinese and American Governments have agreed on a visa policy which is mutually beneficial .Since then, the term of volatility of F1 visa has been extended from one year to five years, which is very convenient for students with F1 visa. The private high school program are welcoming students from all over the world who can study systematically in private high school in US, to improve their personal ability and academic level and prepare for further education in the US universities.

PSP program is the abbreviation of Private High School Program, which is an educational exchange program in American private high schools.Private high school in the US can offer a wonderful study environment, strict management system and more opportunities for students to be admitted by the prestigious universities. 

As a result, more and more Chinese students are willing to study in the private school in the US with F1 visa for about 1 to 4years.They will live in the local host families and apply for a US university after getting a high school diploma. Our PSP program is suitable for those J1 exchange students that have completed their culture exchange in the US, hoping to continue their education in the US. 

And also it’s suitable for students with F1 visa studying in a private school. Compared to AYP program, the fees for private high school program are a little bit higher. You can also apply for a F1 visa to study in the American private high school, which avoids the transfer from J1 visa to F1 visa when you want to continue your study in the US.

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