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American high school online course

        At present, the domestic rise of an international class or international curriculum. But most of the international classes for the pseudo international class. The so-called pseudo international class, namely the third party agencies simply join the English intensive courses and sat and AP courses, there is no introduction of the United States outstanding privately established high school to the real teaching system and teaching mode of thinking, still remain in the simple exam training or test training. OHIE to provide students with the American high school original teaching system model, both to ensure that the students through the system of the teaching mode of thinking training and careers planning guidance can smoothly enter the United States University, and ensure in shunt student enrollment is based in shaping the brand of domestic high school system, standardized, efficient the US international course. In the past, Chinese students must have left for the American school to experience pure American education. Now, the essence of American education comes to China. In our curriculum system, American high school for Chinese students provides industry-leading unique original American curriculum, let them without the need to go abroad can to lower economic costs in the country to accept the pure American education, made in the American high school diploma, and for future application for admission to the University of the United States to prepare.

In recent years, the rise of a domestic study in the United states. 93768 2013 China went to the number of Chinese students in the United States to go to graduate school for 103427, and read undergraduate students, high school students crowd began to rapidly expand. In order to improve the chance of admission to the University of the United States apply for admission, the Chinese students began to richer experience to improve their competitiveness, which the most important is the learning experience of American high school curriculum system. 

If students can prove that they had in the American high school attended or after teaching system environment, language and culture, curriculum and the mode of thinking training, and academic performance excellent, even earn a degree in China and the United States double high school, which will greatly improve the they are in American schools, the admission probability. OHIE Sino American international class to comply with the requirements of the international curriculum for students to learn the United states.

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