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About Us

Beijing Oriental Horizon International Education Institute Inc.

OHIE was founded in 2012,which is a professional organization highly focused on the Sino-American educational and cultural exchange.The full name of OHIE is Beijing Oriental Horizon International Education Center.The name of OHIE mostly originates from its concentration on the education and cultural exchange between China and the U.S.,we want to be a window which broadens Chinese students' horizon and meanwhile broadcasts the Chinese culture to the world. Based on the experiences and the traditional Chinese culture "integrity",we hope that every student and family will gain wonderful experience and academic success through OHIE's exchange programs.


The founders of OHIE were the earlier participants in J-1 program and furthered study in the U.S..They deeply realized the current problems of the J-1 cultural exchange programs and other educational programs which are promoted in China. The program has deviated from its original purpose, such as comerecialization, recruitment chaos, unqualified students, ambiguous information and unfair opportunity for the poor students. This is why we founded OHIE and we will use our experiences to operate the program in a better way. We have set up complete selection system, detailed orientation procedure, program support service system, fair opportunity and scholarship for the poor students,etc..We will have our endeavor to get the program back to it’s origin.


OHIE management and advisors are from the field of education and most of them were government officials and university teachers. They know exactly about the educational and cultural differences between the two nations so that they will provide the most suitable advice for the students on the educational area. OHIE has set up various network and local staff in the U.S., which will be closely in touch with the students. They will provide the good service and suggestions to the students. Our Chinese representatives all have rich experience in educational and cultural exchange field, most of them participated in the J-1 program or studied in U.S., they are enthusiastic and dedicated to the Sino-American education filed.


OHIE insists all the processes of transparency, standardization, specialization non-commercialization, we are not the big organization but we are passionate and dedicated to the education to promote our brand OHIE and our philosophy “Education dream, bigger than business” which are accepted by all OHIE colleagues.

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